'JACKED'.... a brief history


The 'Jacked' franchise prides itself as being one of the longest running nights, not just at Karma Kafe, but also in the fine city of Norwich as a whole. First established 'on the terrace' April 2011, the roots of 'Jacked' gatherings date back further years. Inspiration was taken from the many notorious roadblock house parties, which whipped up the atmosphere and warmed up close friends and acquaintances for eventful all nighter affairs. Original founders Simon and Chris visioned on taking this concept to the next level, in sharing these intimate but more often than not crazy vibes, to a much wider spectrum.. 'Jacked' was born.


Proud and grateful for all the opportunities we've been given, the brand soon established itself and played host to regular monthly slots, spreading it's familiar under and overground house/techno sounds to the masses. We feel very fortunate to have collaborated and spun alongside many other of the countries top DJ's and events, hosting at numerous venues, working with a colossal amount of talented producers and top promoters as well as pushing to the forefront the freshest talent within the music scene.


But what is the meaning behind the name 'Jacked' and what do we stand for? 'Jacked' is a name that is taken from Chris and Si's mutual love of jackin' house music, that over time has evolved with the genres, dropping/cutting and mixing a historic blend of 'dance music'. Also in an artistic sense, we like to 'jack' graphics and sound, manipulate, to make our own. It's not copyright, it's good use of creative license.. it's been 'Jacked'.


Like the house parties of old, we're all about the good times, uplifting vibes and awesome music.. but in slightly bigger houses and on a much larger scale!






DJ Bio - Si Rogers


Simon Rogers, with the simple DJ alias Si Rogers, is one half of team 'Jacked'. Nurtured within a music loving family Si was bought up as a proper 80's child, fully accessorised to the distinctive periodical trends, whilst appreciating and living in a time of huge musical significance. However it was the early 90's, the middle to high school years, where the passion for music evolved to a dizzy level and the art of 'turntablism' really captured the imagination.


The day the first DJ mix tape was listened to changed Simon's musical perspective in it's entirety, opening eyes to whole new genre and sound. It was 1990-97, the golden era of warehouse raving and the birth of nightclub culture that modelled a new and exciting passion towards music, as frantically event flyers from local record shops were collected to decorate any given bedroom wall space, whilst exchanging tape packs on the playground became a common part of everyday school life. The Walkman cassette player was an absolute must have, whilst sporting baggy eclipse jeans and oversized Dready hoodies was the complete fashion norm. Great nostalgic times.


DJ's soon became personal hero's, so much so inspiration struck, as the aim was to save and own a personal set of record decks.


That was 1993. That passion has never dwindled. Times certainly have changed over the years, with advancements in technology and an evolution in sound, but the same drive and energy remains since way back when. Diggin' for the freshest beats is still a necessity of today.. but Si will often delve back to those roots of yesteryear, for both sentimental and educational purposes.


It's all about being creative and having fun, which personifies 'Jacked' and what these parties stand for. House, Tech(no), Old Skool, Disco-Breaks and whatever the future holds (and the past held).. it's all in.





DJ Bio - Chris Yeomans


Chris’ passion for music started at an early age, listening to the now classic, Cream Ibiza, Godskitchen, Ministry of Sound albums that his older brother’s would hand down. From here, an early love for Trance/House developed and to this day, still very much remains the foundation of what he enjoys listening to and playing to this day.


Growing up, his taste for music evolved and broadened into almost every genre from every end of the electronic spectrum, and eventually led to trying his hand at DJing. He bought his first set of vinyl decks in 2004 to try his hand at scratching hip-hop rather than mixing. Then around 2010 learning to mix house music. This is where the infamous ‘Oak Lodge’ house parties began, where Chris and Simon formed their duo ‘Jacked’.


2011 saw Chris grace the Baby Box room at Ministry of Sound London, supporting Sub Focus – a gig that came as a result of fortnightly podcasts Chris mixed and uploaded to his Soundcloud page. Since then he’s played Pacha in London - warming up for Third Party, most clubs in his hometown of Norwich and all the local festivals including various sets Sundown.


Jacked’s first unofficial nightclub debut was Chris’ birthday – December 2010 in Karma Kafe’s basement room. April 2011 saw the popular night return, but this time on Karma’s legendary Terrace floor. From then on, Jacked has been one of the club’s most popular monthly club night’s, bringing in hundreds of local house music fans and DJ’s and now stands as the longest running night in the club’s history.

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